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We bring decks back to life
18 years the Deck Techs at Deck Pros have set the standard for refinishing Omahaís decks, pergolas, fences and gazebos. 



We accomplish this through meticulous training and apprenticeship, before entrusting our staff with the responsibility of upholding our highest levels of quality and excellence. Many of the new decks we build are treated with the best products and techniques available to ensure years of lasting beauty and charm. The same holds true when you select the professionals at Deck Pros to restore and protect your existing deck, fence, pergola or gazebo.


When it comes to refinishing your existing deck, the Deck Techs at Deck Pros will never compromise the longevity of your structure with harmful deck brighteners or deck bleaching agents. We mention this because we feel itís important to understand the long term impact these chemicals can have on your deck. Some companies use these substances for the short term benefit of simplifying the task of cleaning your deck. These agents may make the job easier, but they all but eliminate the woodís natural oils which help protect wood on an organic level. Drying out the wood, as is commonly referred to, by using brighteners or cleaning agents can lead to cracking and splitting in as little as 6 to 12 months. We see the implications of these methods as we replace existing decks each year. So when it comes to entrusting your deckís future to a professional, choose a Deck Tech from Deck Pros.


Deck Tech Refinishing Process

Step 1: Pressure Wash

This step will remove surface discoloration, dirt, mold and previous deck treatments releasing the woods natural color and beauty. It is the most important part of the deck refinishing process. If exterior wood surfaces are not washed sufficiently, any stain & sealant applied will not penetrate, and therefore will not last, nor will it protect your wood in the manner it was designed.

Step 2: Stain Preparation

Our professional staff prides itself in its meticulous preparation, ensuring that your home, landscape, and plant life will stay intact. We use paint-resistant paper, plastic sheeting, and tarps to protect the surrounding environment. And although itís virtually impossible to make a wood deck splinter-free, we do our best by using palm sanders to smooth handrails and other rough areas. After the handrails have been sanded, we check to make sure fasteners such as nails or screws are properly tightened. (No one likes to stub their toes!)

Step 3; Stain Application

Once the deck has been prepared for staining, we carefully apply up to three coats of penetrating stain preservative in the color of your choice. Our stain preservatives offer lasting durability and natural color that stand up to the environmental challenges Nebraska weather presents. They offer superior UV protection and mildewcide to fight UV and stave off the growth of mold and mildew. They also offer penetrating preservatives to enhance the life of your deck and rich translucent color that mimics the natural appearance cedar. We also offer tints, color mixes and color matches. And for those who appreciate the look of unfinished wood, we also offer a clear wood preservative.  



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